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Throughout childhood my mother has had to say, "Can you just be Eddie for a little bit, not a character." Since the age of three, it's been my knee-jerk reaction to absorb both the fictional and nonfictional stories of my world, and find my character within them both. Growing up with this mindset, I fell in love with languages, literatures, and histories—needing to learn about cultures, identities, and their stories as I shape my own identity within them, which naturally led me to theatre. I took this thirst for knowledge to the Northfield Mount Hermon School, where I began to study theatre seriously as an actor, director, and lighting designer, as I also centered my studies of literature, language and culture. There, I began French language studies at the advanced levels, which I continued in college in tandem and in collaboration with developing myself as a theatre artist. In May 2017, I will hold a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre Studies and minor in French from Ithaca College. 

 Theatre, for me, became the space in which culture, philosophy, history, fiction, fantasy, language, identity and truth itself is experimented with and developed; it is where the search for truth and progress can be established and reestablished in a constant state of flux. 

My desire to learn different identities, truths, languages and stories comes from a personal place. Born with a series of congenital heart defects, I had my first of three open-heart surgeries at the age of fourteen. I came of age with a clear understanding of my mortality, and so I grew up with a desire to do as much and as varied collection of things as possible. From these surgeries I have developed a do-or-die-trying mentality as both a person, and particularly, as a theatre artist.