EAST COAST PREMIERE! Goosebumps! The Musical

Running October 25th - November 4th 2017! Eddie is happy to announce that he will be serving as the assistant director for the East Coast premiere of Goosebumps! The Musical - Phantom of the Auditorium

The story follows best friends Brooke and Zeke as they finally get the leads in a haunted play when a mysterious new student, Brian, transfers to the school. They must fight against skeptical teachers, revengeful understudies, and a sabotaging ghost as they reverse the show's curse while scaring their friends and teachers...with a play! 

This piece is a musical for young actors which as been adapted from Goosebumps series writer R.L. Stine's novel Phantom of the Auditorium  This production has been cast with a cast of of middle school aged student-actors local to Nantucket Island. 


Teaching at Northfield Mount Hermon School

For the 2017 Summer season, Eddie will be teaching three theatre classes for middle and high school students as part of Northfield Mount Hermon School's (NMH) five week summer session. Founded in 1879, NMH has been ranked as one of the top boarding schools in America. The school values the education of, "The head, heart, and hand," which embodies the school's philosophy of intellectualism, respect, integrity, humanity, and the value of practical hands-on work. 

The courses cover a wide range of theatre topics including acting, directing, and playwriting in both lecture based and experiential lessons. NMH prides itself on small, individualized classes, placing the student to teacher ratio at approximately 10 to 1. 

The NMH Summer Session brings in a large concentration of students from overseas who are coming to NMH for an English language immersion through the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. With theatre being a place for linguistic expression, I have engineered my classes to focus on the bare bones of theatre: people in a space who are telling a story to an audience while guiding the students to experiment in both their native language, their physical language, as well as the local English. 

Click here to learn more about the NMH Summer Session


Research, Directing, & Translation: Tour de Surréalisme

This project is a culmination of an experimental research project on francophone absurdist and surrealist drama and theory, and their relation to language. It employs Artaud's theory of language as incantation and Breton's "Absolute reality" as this collection of plays surveys the spectrum of surrealist and absurdist drama as it explores new truths and consciousnesses. 

The text has been edited and reordered to create a bilingual script. It is my intent that characters speaking in French will give a glimpse into the subconscious and absolute realities. As well as restore a certain brand of truth to these texts as they are partially returned to their original language, and aural emotionality.

The staged reading will be on December 9th at Ithaca College

The project has been sponsored by Ithaca College's Depart. of Modern Languages & Literatures